Retail Success Acquires ByDesign Technologies

Overland Park, KS – Feb. 10, 2020– Retail Success, LLC announced its acquisition of ByDesign Technologies, LLC, the premier provider of business management tools for the Direct Selling industry.  

The acquisition of ByDesign Technologies is part of Retail Success’ planned expansion into the direct selling, retail, and gig economy spaces. The combined organization serves a worldwide customer base across a variety of vertical markets.

“ByDesign Technologies is a strategic addition to the Retail Success family,” said Scott Maher, CEO of Retail Success. “It is rare to find such a well-run company on the market – one that is both at the top of its game and its vertical market. Our plan is to let ByDesign be ByDesign by providing management with the financial and technical resources needed to continue to grow the company. Together, Retail Success and ByDesign will collaborate to deliver innovative solutions in the direct selling industry.”

Daryl Wurzbacher, CEO of ByDesign Technologies said, “The acquisition is an incredible fit for our company, which will continue to operate independently, with no change in leadership or staff. Retail Success has already signed a long-term lease at our current location in Tampa and committed capital to help us achieve our 2020 growth plan. Looking ahead, I’m excited for our employees and our clients.”

When asked about future plans for Retail Success, Co-Founder Shannon Maher said, “ByDesign Technologies is our third acquisition and the fifth company under the Retail Success umbrella. This fall, we added two phenomenal C-level executives, Chief Operating Officer Kent Galley, and Chief Financial Officer Jen Regas, who have been game-changers. I not only see our current business growing dramatically, but I see our acquisition activities accelerating as well.”

About Retail Success and ByDesign Technologies

Retail Success is an Overland Park, Kansas-based financial technology company that provides custom software, retail technology, and electronic payments products. The company’s customers include brick and mortar retailers, e-commerce retailers, retail wholesalers, and direct sellers across a variety of vertical markets.   

ByDesign Technologies is a provider of management tools for the direct selling industry based in Tampa, Florida. Since its launch in 2000, ByDesign has helped nearly a thousand companies grow their big ideas by leveraging The Freedom Cloud Solution as their direct selling software.  As a result, ByDesign Technologies has empowered more than 10 million individuals to follow their dreams in the direct selling industry.

Retail Success Acquires ByDesign Technologies