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Retail Success is a business-to-business FinTech company based in Overland Park, Kansas and is the parent company to ByDesign Technologies in Tampa, Florida, which provides software solutions to Direct Selling and Multi-Level Marketing companies. 

From marketing and loyalty, to eCommerce and payments, our software solutions allow greater accessibility and convenience for both businesses and customers, giving retailers big and small the power to connect and sell to the world. These robust solutions include National Merchant Alliance, Wayroo, and the Freedom Software by ByDesign Technologies.

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Our Story

Initially a payments company, the founders quickly saw a specific need in the retail sector for better payment options and more convenience. Over the last 30 years, Retail Success has adapted to the changing retail marketplace without abandoning core principles that we learned along the way.


Two brothers start a business

National Merchant Alliance (NMA) was founded by brothers - Scott and Shannon Maher as a technology-focused payments company. NMA’s third party partnership model focused on non-proprietary technology, that gave merchants a choice of electronic payment provider while generating revenue for NMA’s developer partners. Through these many partnerships, NMA was able to gain valuable insight into the retail industry and point-of-sale systems. The company’s focus on transparent, win-win partnerships allowed it to grow in a competitive market.


Retail Success is Born with POSIM LLC Acquisition

Retail Success was formed during the acquisition of a point-of-sale and inventory management software system built for small and medium sized businesses called POSIM. After relocating to Overland Park from Utah following the acquisition, POSIM was named one of the 20 most promising retail tech solution providers by CIOReview magazine.

Retail Success is an Overland Park, Kansas-based financial technology company that provides custom software, retail technology, and electronic payments products. The company's customers include brick-and-mortar retailers, e-commerce retailers, retail wholesalers, and direct sellers across a variety of vertical markets.  


Boutique Window Acquisition

Retail Success acquired the rights to Boutique Window from Kiplie, LLC. Boutique Window is a social media and email marketing platform for retailers that is a great fit in the Retail Success family of products.


Creation of Luci: Bless

Luci: Bless was created utilizing expertise and services from all of our companies and was launched to one of the largest Direct Selling Organizations in the US. In late 2017, Forbes reported that they were the fastest growing retail company in the US going from zero to $2 billion in sales in just 4 years.


A New State-of-the-Art headquarters for a growing company

The completion of a state-of-the-art headquarters located in Overland Park, Kan., was celebrated with a ribbon cutting and reception. The new, 22,000 square foot headquarters has been designed to increase efficiency for all departments by creating an open plan work environment. The building features an industrial modern design with a reception area, executive suite, variety of closed conference rooms, community teaming areas, spacious offices and modular workstations for employees, fitness center, mother’s room, training facility, and multi-service employee break area.

That same year, Retail Success was awarded The NOVA Award by the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce—a recognition given out each year to three young, fast-growing companies. The company has had positive growth numbers since 2015, with a staff increase of more than 30 percent in 2017 and nearly 20 percent already in the first quarter of 2018.

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Acquisition of ByDesign Technologies

The acquisition of ByDesign Technologies was part of Retail Success' planned expansion into the direct selling, retail, and gig economy spaces. The combined organization serves a worldwide customer base across a variety of vertical markets.
"ByDesign Technologies is a strategic addition to the Retail Success family," Scott Maher, CEO of Retail Success said at the time. "It is rare to find such a well-run company on the market – one that is both at the top of its game and its vertical market. Our plan is to let ByDesign be ByDesign by providing management with the financial and technical resources needed to continue to grow the company. Together, Retail Success and ByDesign will collaborate to deliver innovative solutions in the direct selling industry."

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How Do You Wayroo?

The Wayroo app, a second-generation tool, is introduced. Much more than a social selling tool or mobile point of sale, Wayroo is an enhanced communication and sales platform designed to drive revenue for businesses, independent sellers and even the gig economy. 

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Doubling down on FinTech efforts

Retail Success was named the #7 FinTech company in Kansas City by the Kansas City Business Journal. 
In an effort to focus on FinTech offerings, commitment to payments, direct selling, social commerce and the gig economy space, Retail Success made two shifts within to the company:
1. POSIM was acquired by competitor Rain POS.
2. Boutique Window tools and functionality were incorporated into Wayroo - Wayroo is partnered with Paparazzi Accessories to introduce a white-label app called Paparazzi Premiere to 60,000 consultants world-wide.