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Retail Success Chief Energy Officers

Retail Success is proud to announce the promotion of 18 new CEOs – Chief Energy Officers – from within the company!

Deciding to become a CEO means that you share positive, powerful, and contagious energy with your co-workers, employees, and customers. It also means that you bring out the best in yourself by overcoming the negativity and challenges you face everyday. 

“I am proud to share the CEO title with these dedicated members of the Retail Success family,” said Kent Galley, CEO of Retail Success. “Positive energy and ownership of self are two of the biggest ingredients to success in my book. These CEOs are sure to elevate our game moving forward.” These individuals have mastered the 10 secrets for tackling life and work with a positive, forward-thinking approach via a six-week course around the best-selling book, The Energy Bus, by Jon Gordon:

Chief Energy Officers Pictured above: Aejay Goehring, Katrina Farmer, Nigel Styant, Caleb Shook, Kelly Thompson, Priya Vaidyanathan-Nitish, Cari Jorr, Kyle Downs, RJ Agnello, Daniel Edwards, Marco Liporoni, Russel Samad, Drew Casseday, Melizza Perez, Victoria Brachear, Jeff Persaud, Mona Stewart, and Wolf Rochlitz.

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