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Omni-channel selling affords businesses the ability to sell in various channels simultaneously. When you can sell anywhere at any time through one connected tool, you provide a seamless ability to connect with customers. Wayroo gives your brand the centralized selling network it needs to grow. To learn more visit wayroo.com.

Discover Wayroo

Simplify Processes

Comment Selling

Bring the power of e-commerce into your Facebook Live events where attendees simply comment to make their purchases. Wayroo’s time-saving automation of tasks such as invoicing, payments, and inventory management allows your reps to focus on what matters – selling. Social commerce turns commenters into influencers and is the easiest way to increase online sales.

Real-Time Inventory Management

Simply select the wholesale order within Wayroo and click Receive. All items automatically update into their Wayroo account, including corporate product images and descriptions. Inventory counts update as sales happen, keeping your rep’s business running smoothly and customers happy.

Ecommerce Ease

Replicated sites ensure brand consistency across mobile devices and desktops while giving your reps the freedom to customize their collections and set prices.

Mobile Point-of-Sale

Easily sell on-hand items anywhere to anyone – in person or online. Wayroo makes it simple for customers to add items to their cart, select their preferred payment method, and checkout. Wayroo securely stores card information using the highest PCI standards and data encryption available, enhancing the customer experience by making repeat purchases quick and easy.

Create Momentum

Integrated Shipping

With an integration to Shipping Easy, Wayroo saves reps time and money. Plus, it’s easy to automate free-shipping thresholds based on a dollar amount or item count and Wayroo even provides helpful reminders to customers at checkout to encourage add on sales to qualify for free-shipping.

Payouts on Demand

Wayroo makes it possible for your sales force to convert personal inventory into earnings. Reps simply click “Get Paid to request a payment onto their payout card, which they can then use for shopping, cash withdrawals, or purchasing additional inventory.

Sales Tax Compliance

Forget manual calculations for your reps. If your organization wants to collect sales and use taxes, Wayroo can automatically and accurately calculate the sales tax on retail sales based on geo-locating, an in-person transaction or the customer’s shipping address.

Empower Decisions

Corporate Reporting

Gain insights into customer transactions that enable corporate visibility and compliance reporting. Wayroo provides end-user data – including all the who, what, when, and where points in between. You own your data, the reporting, and the insights, including views into retail receipts, wholesale orders, inventory turnover, geographic trends, and revenue concentrations.

Wholesale Savings

When reps use their payout cards to buy additional wholesale products, Wayroo delivers significant savings with reduced credit card processing fees on these transactions.

Simple Set-Up

From friction-free set-up through omnichannel ease, Wayroo keeps it simple, giving your organization and its representatives the tools to ramp up retail sales.

We want you to succeed

No matter what your business needs, our solutions will give you access to your customers where they are: online, in-store, or on-the-go. Ready to deliver the best buying experience to your customers?

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