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Seamlessly Sell Through Online
Social Communities

Social affords businesses the opportunity to make connections worldwide and build those relationships from anywhere, at any time. We leverage the convenience of this social access and give your representatives the platforms to connect through live events and their favorite social media sites. Mobile optimized and app tested, Luci puts the power of the internet in the palm of your hand. To learn more visit GoLuci.com.

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Connect and sell to the world

Live Selling

Live events have become the latest trend to reach, engage, and sell to busy customers. It creates shared experiences for buyers and sellers and enables sales distributors to interact with customers online–in real-time. The Luci platform simplifies processes for presenters so they can focus on what matters most– their products and customers. This leads to a more personal experience and increased sales.

Comment Selling

We have combined social media with eCommerce using customer comments. This innovative approach is quite simple and it is growing rapidly in popularity. During your live event attendees are instructed to use a predetermined “buy” word, like “Mine” followed by size and style. This triggers an invoice sent to the customer automatically and greatly increases sales due to the efficiencies it creates.

Personal broadcasting

For many sales distributors, live events can be a logistical challenge managing the technology, delivering an energetic and informative presentation, tracking what’s sold, and managing comments – all at the same time. For those that want more control and a truly captive audience, our personal broadcasting provides a private, branded platform away from social distractions. Our software offers a smooth, QVC-like experience where customers can join, comment, and buy without leaving the event.

We want you to succeed

No matter what your business needs, our solutions will give you access to your customers where they are: online, in-store, or on-the-go. Ready to deliver the best buying experience to your customers?

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